Selling an Inherited Home

Probate Sales

My North Carolina Probate Team is a team of local professionals specifically organized to help the Executor, Executrix, Administrator or heirs of an estate deal with one of the most stressful and time consuming portions of their job: selling an inherited home.   

Our team of vetted professionals of Attorneys, Auctioniers, Financial Planners and Anceillary Property Specialists can help handle the legal process of estate administration, the sale of real property & personal property, property clean out, repairs/improvements and windfall asset protection.  Vist the North Carolina Probate Team website for more information.

Please contact us for a full list of our Probate Partners.  You can also contact us for a free home consultation to discuss a suggested market price and suitability for selling the inherited property to our list of cash investors versus full-service listing on the retail market.

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